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Follower Performance Readiness

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Performance Readiness is defined as the extent to which a follower demonstrates the ability and willingness to accomplish a specific task. Readiness levels vary. People tend to be at different levels of readiness depending on the task they are being asked to do. It is important to remember that readiness is not a personal characteristic. It is not an evaluation of a person's traits, values, age, etc. Readiness is how a person performs at a particular task.

Even though readiness depends on the task, it is sometimes necessary to break a job into the specific activities involved. For example, an engineer working on a project may be excellent at creative design but far less competent for technical report writing. The leader may need to break down the task into activities to get a more accurate assessment of a follower's performance readiness.

The two major components of readiness are ability and willingness.

* Ability is the knowledge, experience and skill that an individual or group demonstrates in a particular task or activity. This valuation is objective in nature.

* Willingness has to do with the confidence, commitment and motivation to accomplish a specific task or activity that an individual or group demonstrates. This valuation tends to be more subjective in nature.

Important to each of these definitions is the word "demonstrate." You need to judge readiness in terms of the behavior you see. Without demonstrated ability, you're only dealing with potential or perhaps capability. Without demonstrated willingness, you're only dealing with "lip service," or simply intent without action.

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